Welcome to Thundervalley Farm, located in the Southern Black Hills of South Dakota. We’ve been involved in the model horse hobby and pedigree assignment since 1998, and officially opened our books to the public in 2003. Hope you find what you’re looking for! Featured in the header above is Duchess and her filly Lady. Duchess’ sister Forever Misty Cream is available for breeding, found under the American Cream Draft section.

WEBSITE LAST UPDATED February 16, 2018

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01. Do not use any Thundervalley Farm horses without my permission.
02. Pedigrees are sent as .pdf files, but can be sent as .html files if requested.
03. Mares are allowed 1 foal per year and stallions 10 foals per year. Available years are in the listing.
04. In breeds where it is permitted mares are also allowed up to 3 foals total via embryo transfer.
. . a) E/T only offered for foals born 2002 and after
. . b) Must also select a “recipient mare” that is open for your chosen year
. . c) Currently not allowed for Thoroughbreds
05. Horses gelded late have stored semen and only have enough “straws” available for 25 foals after year gelded.
06. No breeding brothers to sisters, fathers to daughters, or mothers to sons.
07. Nearly all horses trace to real horses. Real horses are denoted with a ® after their name.
08. If a horse’s sire/dam is also on the list their name will be underlined.
09. The number in parenthesis after a horse’s available years is the number of offspring it has.
10. The “click for more info” link on a listing gives a photo, information on bloodlines and any show results.
11. I have many brands of models on the list and allow all brands of models to be bred from my horses.
12. BSO (breeding/blood stock only) and other “paper identity” breeding requests are acceptable.
13. At the beginning of each breed section I list breed naming rules and registration restrictions.
14. Reasonable cross breeding is allowed. A Shire/Shetland cross would be considered unreasonable.
15. Real horse coat color genetics must be followed. This tool is great for determining possible coat colors.
16. While not required, I’d love photos and show updates on any foals bred by Thundervalley Farm.

The following information is required for a foal
Owner’s Name:
Foal’s Name:
Requested Sire:
Requested Dam:
Requested Year (pick two in case first choice is unavailable):
Color (if pinto or appaloosa include pattern):
Show/Race Records (optional):

Include the information listed above for any outside parents, along with a 4 generation pedigree if known.

Breeding requests and any additional questions can be sent to thundervalley_farm@yahoo.com

This is a model horse site. All horses mentioned on these pages that are owned by Thundervalley Farm are either models or paper identities.
Any real horses mentioned are for pedigree research purposes only and are denoted with a ® after the name.



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