LUNARIA (Sirius x Nocturne)
1993 grey with golden horn Unicorn mare
OF unknown ceramic nightlight
bred by Thundervalley Farm
open 1999-2000, 2002-2005, 2007-2017

1997 Starsong grey blanket with blue points and golden horn Unicorn mare by Stardust o/b Kari Filipi (Thundervalley Farm)
1998 Zealous Watch pearlescent Unicorn stallion by Stardust – o/b Sandra Bickel (Sentinel Farms)
2001 Starherder blue and silver blanket Unicorn stallion by Stardust – o/b Elizabeth Baker (Bakerfield Stables)
2006  Pyxis grey with white/gold horn Unicorn stallion by Cloud Dancer – o/b Alethea Drexler (Shady Grove Ranch)

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