Freedom’s Prized Prince

FREEDOM’S PRIZED PRINCE (Dua He Chi’s Freedom ® x Jane’s Prize One ®)
2008 buckskin Shire stallion
breeding stock only
FFC 2011 / LFC 2031 EE/Aa/nCr Homozygous Black (can’t have chestnut foals)

Sire Dua He Chi’s Freedom ®
bay Shire stallion. Sire of purebred buckskin Shire mare Freedom’s Jolie Prize.

Dam Jane’s Prize One ®
black Shire mare. Carries cream gene. Many decades ago the AHSA allowed a breed up program due to the scarcity of Shires in the country. This allowed mares of unknown parentage that fit the breed description to apply for registration. Mares had to be bred back to registered Shire stallions and only fillies could be kept as breeders. Way back when in her dam line there was dilute mare, hidden by generations of black coat colors.

none at this time

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