Tiger Eye

TigerEyeSUPERIOR TIGER EYE (Sequoyah ® x Little Wood Hauler ®)
1990 buckskin Spanish Mustang mare
OF Breyer Classic Andalusian Mare #648
open 1995-2002, 2004-2014 Ee/Aa/nCr

IMEHA Premier Champion (2246 Points)

IMEHA Div C4: OF Breyer or Other Classic or Smaller Show
⦁ Buckskin Division Grand Champion

Sire Sequoyah ®
~1979 smoky grulla roan sabino Spanish Mustang stallion

Dam Little Wood Hauler ®
1974 buckskin Spanish Mustang mare

1994 El Dorado buckskin tobiano sabino Spanish Mustang stallion by Comes From Dream o/b Kari Filipi (Thundervalley Farm)
2003 Visionary Man bay dun Spanish Mustang stallion by Looking Glass o/b Katie Wargowsky (Dancing Horseshoes Ranch)
2010 Quiet Tiger black overo Spanish Mustang stallion by Peace Talks o/b Kay Myers (Caballos Del Mar)

This is a model horse site. All horses mentioned on these pages that are owned by Thundervalley Farm are either models or paper identities.
Any real horses mentioned are for pedigree research purposes only and are denoted with a ® after the name.

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