IMEHA Premier Champions

2000+ Points Earned

Trip Off The Glitz

TRIP OFF THE GLITZ (Glitter Please ® x Joan Hedevanggard ®)
1999 buckskin snowflake Knabstrupper stallion
Genetics Ee/Aa/nCr/nLp • Height 16.3hh
OF Breyer Classic Keen #651
FFC 2002 / LFC 2022 (1)

Imported to USA from Denmark in 2000

Competed through Level III Dressage on ABRCB

Bronze Dressage Performance Medal Earner

IMEHA Premier Champion (2080 Points) rec’d August 2017

TOPSA Photo Show Placed

IMEHA Div B12: OF Breyer CL or LB Breed Conformation Show
• 5x Carriage or Light Draft Breed Division Grand Champion
• 19x Carriage or Light Draft Breed Division Reserve Champion

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Tiger Eye

TigerEyeSUPERIOR TIGER EYE (Sequoyah ® x Little Wood Hauler ®)
1990 buckskin Spanish Mustang mare
OF Breyer Classic Andalusian Mare #648
open 1995-2002, 2004-2014 Ee/Aa/nCr

IMEHA Premier Champion (2246 Points)

IMEHA Div C4: OF Breyer or Other Classic or Smaller Show
⦁ Buckskin Division Grand Champion

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