Gaited Breeds – Tennessee Walking Horse

Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association

Naming Rules:
1. Name of horse must not exceed 25 letters, including spaces and punctuation marks.
2. Phonetically similar names will be considered the same.
3. The only recognizable characters are the 26 letters of the alphabet plus periods, hyphens, apostrophes and ampersands.
4. Quotations and numbers cannot be used.
5. Profanity or sexually suggestive names will not be accepted.



FantasticDesign FANTASTIC DESIGN (Silver Design ® x FSR Call Me Fantasy) IMEHA CHAMPION
2009 grey (chestnut tobiano base) ee/Aa/Gg/nT • OF Breyer Stablemates G3 Tennessee Walking Horse
grandsire Pride’s Generator was the all time most prolific sire of the breed
bred by Distant Fire Ridge
FFC 2012 / LFC 2032 (0) click for more info


LadyGaga LADY GAGA (Admiral’s Ponca Patches ® x Royal’s Lady Godiva ®)
2006 black snowcap blanket Ee/aa/nLp • OF Breyer Mini Whinnies High Stepping Saddlebred Mare
also accepted for breeding with the Walkaloosa Registry
sire is a rare DNA bloodtested and proven purebred appaloosa Tennessee Walking Horse!
open 2010-2030 (0) click for more info

This is a model horse site. All horses mentioned on these pages that are owned by Thundervalley Farm are either models or paper identities.
Any real horses mentioned are for pedigree research purposes only and are denoted with a ® after the name.

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