Pensioned & Reference Arabians

Here is where we list our older Arabian IDs. All have progeny (or even grand progeny!) available on the main listing which can be found here.

Arabian Horse Association

Naming Requirements:
1. 21 character limit
2. Four word limit
3. No numerals prefixes or suffixes
4. No Sr. or Jr. suffixes
5. No punctuation

Traditional Naming, Egyptian:
1. Ibn (son of)
2. Bint (daughter of)
3. Bint Bint (granddaughter of)
Traditional Naming, Polish & Russian:
1. Often given one word names in language of country of origin
2. Tend to be named with first letter of dam’s name

Color Restrictions: Dilute colors (palomino, buckskin, etc) do not exist in the purebred Arabian gene pool.


BSO PRZEMEK (Negatraz ® x Piersnica ®)
1980-2010 bay Polish • breeding stock only
half brother to the highly influential Polish Arabian sire Monogramm
FFC 1983 / LFC 2003 (2)
BSO FIRE QUEST (Rho-Quest ® x Hearts On Fire ®)
1988 blue eyed bay sabino Domestic • breeding stock only
grandsire Khemosabi is US and Canadian Western Pleasure National Champion
FFC 1991 / LFC 2011 (1)
BSO KAMEER (Bluesprucetanzeer ® x Trazhada ®)
1989 dove grey (bay base) Egyptian/Polish • breeding stock only
half brother to US, Canadian, and Scottsdale Champion Stallion WN Ultimate Star
FFC 1992 / LFC 2012 (2)
BSO KASTACAT (Muscat ® x Kastanieta ®)
1989 chestnut Straight Russian • breeding stock only
full brother to the endurance horse Krakow
FFC 1992 / LFC 2012 (4)


BSO BINT NAGLIAH (Nite Haawk ® x Nagliah ®)
1987-2017 bay Straight Egyptian • breeding stock only
open 1990-1995, 1997-2010 (1)
BSO *MIEKE (Murmansk ® x Mexicanka ®)
1987-2017 white/grey (chestnut base) Straight Russian • breeding stock only
Half sister to Morjak, best 2 Year Old Colt at the 1995 British Nationals
Imported to USA from The Netherlands in 1989
open 1991-2010 (1) click for more info
BSO AMIRA (Perfect Class ® x Arabest Akmarra ®)
1989 grey (chestnut base) Egyptian/Polish • breeding stock only
granddam TJ’s Georgie Girl is 1978 US National Champion Mare
open 1993, 1995-2012 (2)

This is a model horse site. All horses mentioned on these pages that are owned by Thundervalley Farm are either models or paper identities.
Any real horses mentioned are for pedigree research purposes only and are denoted with a ® after the name.


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