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Introducing Pennywise, palomino Quarter Horse stallion, Thundervalley Farm’s first ever horse to receive Paragon Champion status! Point earner in Breed, Color, Mold, and Headstudy show divisions. He officially earned his Paragon ranking in October 2014.

His career highlights include:
IMEHA Div C4: Breyer or Stone Classic or Smaller Color Show
Overall Grand Champion – August 2014
Overall Reserve Champion – January 2012
5x Palomino Division Grand Champion
3x Palomino Division Reserve Champion
IMEHA Div B16: OF Breyer CL or LB Breed Conformation Show
Overall Grand Champion – July 2012
Overall Grand Champion – May 2014
2x Quarter Horse Division Grand Champion
1x Quarter Horse Division Reserve Champion
IMEHA Div Mo4: OF Breyer Classic or Little Bits Mold Show
Overall Grand Champion – May 2012
2x Kathleen Moody Division Grand Champion
2x Kathleen Moody Division Reserve Champion



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