Spanish Breeds – Andalusian

International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association

 Naming Rules:
1. Names limited to 25 characters including spaces, numerals and suffixes
2. Farm prefixes or suffixes are encouraged
3. Numeral suffixes are only added if a name has already been used
4. Names must be socially appropriate

**we encourage the use of our farm suffix TVF, especially when using one of our mares**


Espiritu ESPIRITU (Dante V ® x Kerma D ®)
2006 palomino • OF Breyer Stablemates G2 Andalusian
FFC 2009 / LFC 2029 (0)


BSO ZURINE (Santiago ® x Zia ®)
2004 grey (black base) • breeding stock only
name is derived from the Basque zuri meaning “white”
5x National Champion sire is a 5th generation champion
open 2008-2028 (0)

This is a model horse site. All horses mentioned on these pages that are owned by Thundervalley Farm are either models or paper identities.
Any real horses mentioned are for pedigree research purposes only and are denoted with a ® after the name.


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