Spanish Breeds – Peruvian Paso

North American Peruvian Horse Association

 Naming Rules:
1. All names will be Spanish or Spanish sounding
2. Names are limited to 25 letters and in no more than 4 parts
3. Alphabetical prefixes and suffixes limited to 5 letters
4. Numerical prefixes are not allowed


Tumulto TUMULTO CDM (Pacifico CDM x Chirapa CDM)
2002 buckskin Ee/Aa/nCr • OF SR Breyer Traditional Peruvian Paso #701113
IMEHA Paragon Champion sire • IMEHA Premier Champion dam
bred by Caballos del Mar
FFC 2005 / LFC 2025 (0) click for more info


none at this time

This is a model horse site. All horses mentioned on these pages that are owned by Thundervalley Farm are either models or paper identities.
Any real horses mentioned are for pedigree research purposes only and are denoted with a ® after the name.

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