Carriage Breeds – Knabstrupper

American Knabstrupper Association

There are three types of Knabstrupper: Sporthorse, Baroque, and Pony (14.2hh or smaller). Must have at least one parent who is registered Knabstrupper. The other parent must be either a Knabstrupper or a horse of an acceptable outcross.

Acceptable Sporthorse Type Outcrosses:
Danish Oldenburg
Danish Warmblood
Pure Arabian
Anglo Arabian

Acceptable Baroque Type Outcrosses:

Acceptable Knabstrupper Pony Outcrosses:
New Forest Pony
Welsh Pony (no Welsh Cobs)
Connemara Pony
Danish Sports Pony
Dartmoor Pony
Shetland Ponies
Miniature Horse

grey or pinto horses are not eligible

*We use the suffix “Vom Donnertal” on many of our Knabstruppers and encourage it’s use when choosing one of our mares**


IndependentStorm INDEPENDENT STORM (Thunder King of Mountain ® x Catherin of Independence ®) IMEHA PREMIER CHAMPION
1997 bay varnish roan semi leopard • OF Breyer Traditional Hanoverian
Imported to USA from Germany in 2001
full brother to 2001’s best Knabstrupper foal of Northern Germany
FFC 2000 / LFC 2020 (3) click for more info
TripOffTheGlitz TRIP OFF THE GLITZ (Glitter Please ® [TB] x Joan Hedevanggard ®) IMEHA SUPERIOR CHAMPION
1999 buckskin snowflake • OF Breyer Classic Keen
sire was trained to Grand Prix level dressage
FFC 2002 / LFC 2022 (1)
MisterMistoffelees MAGISKE VOM DONNERTAL (Independent Storm x Magical Miss) IMEHA SUPERIOR CHAMPION
2004 bay varnish roan spotted blanket gelding • OF Breyer Stablemates G2 Warmblood
Homozygous Black (can’t have chestnut foals)
Damsire was the Arabian Dressage USEF Horse of the Year in 2001
bred by Thundervalley Farm
FFC 2007 / LFC 2027 (0)


1993 black leopard • OF Schleich Knabstrupper Mare
Imported to USA from Germany in 2000
her sire is the founding stallion of the breed in the United States
open 1997-1999, 2002, 2004-2013, 2015-2017 (3)
MAGICAL MISS (Aul Magic ® [ARABIAN] x Abelone AF Gram ® [KNN)
2000 black leopard • Genetics Ee/aa/nLp • Height 15.1hh
OF Breyer Stablemates Rearing Arabian #5979
Imported to USA from Denmark in 2001
sire was the Arabian Dressage USEF Horse of the Year in 2001
half sister to Aachen 2001 winning stallion Upal Von Norholm
open 2005, 2007-2024 (2)
BSO APOLLONIA VOM DONNERTAL (Pegasus Vom Niehaus ® x Paz [PSL])
2008 palomino blanket • Genetics ee/Aa/nCr/nLp • Height 15.3hh
Baroque Type • dual registered as Iberian Warmblood
paper identity/breeding stock only
bred by Thundervalley Farm
open 2012-2032 (0)
HARLEQUIN VOM DONNERTAL (Nobody’s Harlequin ® x Antje vom Donnertal)
2014 black leopard • Genetics EE/aa/nLp • Height 16.1hh
OF Schleich Knabstrupper Mare
Homozygous Black (can’t have chestnut foals)
her sire’s performance score was the highest for ANY Knabstrupper stallion graded in 2006
half sister to Champion of the UK KNN grading in 2007
bred by Thundervalley Farm
open 2018-2038 (0)

This is a model horse site. All horses mentioned on these pages that are owned by Thundervalley Farm are either models or paper identities.
Any real horses mentioned are for pedigree research purposes only and are denoted with a ® after the name.



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