Wild & Feral Breeds – Plains Zebra

Wikipedia: Plains Zebra

There are six recognized subspecies of the Plains Zebra. We currently have the Grant’s, Burchell’s, and Chapman’s subspecies represented.


BSO ZIGGITY (rangebred)
1993 black and white striped Grant’s • breeding stock only
FFC 1996 / LFC 2016 (3)
BSO SIZWE (Spots ‘N Stripes Zorro ® x Bonny ®)
2009 black and white striped Grant’s • breeding stock only
FFC 2012 / LFC 2032 (0)
BSO JENGO (Gotti ® x Liz ®)
2012 black and white striped Grant’s/Burchell’s cross • breeding stock only
breeding mix is 7/8 Grant’s and 1/8 Burchell’s
has very light “shadow” stripes between bolder stripes
FFC 2015 / LFC 2035 (0)


Incognito INCOGNITO (Spots ‘N Stripes Zach ® x Spots ‘N Stripes Zephyr ®)
1997-2017 black and white striped Grant’s • Trail of Painted Ponies Incognito
Pensioned ID. Current ID for this model can be found under Grevys Zebra
open 2003-2006, 2008-2011, 2013-2015 (4)
BSO CHAUSIKU (rangebred)
2005 brown and white striped Chapman’s • breeding stock only
Name means “Born At Night” in Swahili
open 2007-2027 (0)
ZURI (Spots ‘N Stripes Zantastic ® x Incognito)
2012 black and white striped Grant’s • OF Safari Ltd Zebra
name means “beautiful” in Swahili
bred by Thundervalley Farm
open 2016-2036 (0)

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