Wild & Feral Breeds – Spanish Mustang

Spanish Mustang Registry
Southwest Spanish Mustang Association

*note* tobiano marked Spanish Mustangs can be registered in the Southwest Spanish Mustang Association but not the Spanish Mustang Registry


Skywynd SKYWYND (Tahoka ® x Bonita II ®)
1991 blue roan • OF Breyer Classic Fighting Mesteno
2x Rowland Cheney Molds Division Reserve Champion
FFC 1994 / LFC 2014 (4)
Apolo APOLO (Chief Blue Feather ® x Pie ®)
1992 slate grulla gelding • CM Breyer Classic Craft Kit Horse
Homozygous Black (can’t have chestnut foals)
FFC 1995 / LFC 2005 (1)
ElDorado EL DORADO (Comes From Dream ® x Tiger Eye) IMEHA SUPREME CHAMPION
1994 buckskin tobiano+sabino • OF Breyer Classic Andalusian Foal
Completed 5 of 5 Endurance Rides ⦁ 305km ridden
1x first of weight ⦁ 2x weight class runner up ⦁ $85 earned
bred by Thundervalley Farm
FFC 1997 / LFC 2017 (0) click for more info
JackSkellington JACK SKELLINGTON (Ghost Warrior ® x Medora ®) IMEHA SUPERIOR CHAMPION
1999 black frame overo • OF Breyer Stablemates G3 Mustang
full brother to MP Warrior Princess
FFC 2002 / LFC 2022 (0) click for more info
RamblingaMan THE RAMBLING MAN (Rambler ® x Jane’s Addiction)
2002 buckskin • OF Breyer Traditional Semi Rearing Mustang
bred by Thundervalley Farm
FFC 2005 / LFC 2025 (0)
Flint FLINT (Apolo x Indian Claybasket ®) IMEHA SUPREME CHAMPION
2003 slate grulla • OF Breyer Classic American Quarter Horse Foal
bred by Thundervalley Farm
FFC 2006 / LFC 2026 (0) click for more info
RESTLESS HEART (Brego ® x Restless Wind ®)
2008 bay • Genetics Ee/Aa • Height 14.3hh
Completed 25 of 28 rides • 2x Best Condition • 2,481km ridden
4x first of Weight • 2x weight class runner up • $725 earned
OF Safari Micro Mini Toob Horse Rearing Stallion
Full brother to Mato, first Spanish Mustang to be conceived & born in the UK.
Imported to USA from the UK in 2009
FFC 2011 / LFC 2031 (1) click for more info


KrattsCreatures KRATT’S CREATURES (Choctaw Sun Dance ® x White Cloud ®)
1990 palomino overo • CM Grand Champions Standing Mare
open 1995-2010, 2012-2014 (2)
TigerEye TIGER EYE (Sequoyah ® x Little Wood Hauler ®) IMEHA PREMIER CHAMPION
1990 buckskin • OF Breyer Classic Andalusian Mare
open 1995-2002, 2004-2009, 2011-2014 (3) click for more info
TrueVibe TRUE VIBE (Duke of Earl ® x Kratt’s Creatures)
1994 perlino • OF unknown carousel horse music box
bred by Thundervalley Farm
open 1999-2018 (0)
BSO JANE’S ADDICTION (Rowdy Yates ® x Eliza Jane ®)
1998 dunalino • breeding stock only
half sister to Cayuse Gold who is trained through second level dressage
open 2003-2022 (1)
BSO CIMARRON GIRL (To-Bulls ® x Bette ®)
2003 bay tobiano snowflake • breeding stock only
open 2007-2027 (0)

This is a model horse site. All horses mentioned on these pages that are owned by Thundervalley Farm are either models or paper identities.
Any real horses mentioned are for pedigree research purposes only and are denoted with a ® after the name.


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